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Anonymous asked: Uh, hey...! Could I ask you something?

Yeah go for it! Would love to hear from you.


Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm a teenager and I've been really confused about my sexuality lately. I think I might be pansexual, 'cause personally, labels aren't important to me, for gender or sexuality, and I basically believe that love is love, and whoever I fall in love with or am attracted to is the important thing, not really gender. However I'm mostly attracted to guys (i'm a cis female) and sometimes genderqueer people and certain types of girls. I've only dated a guy before, too. Any advice helps, thanks!

Hey lovely!

Sorry I only just got to this!

You sound a lot like me. I dated only guys till I was about 24 before I realised I was pansexual.

My advice would be to get out there and meet lots of people and just to see how you feel. You don’t have to make any concrete decisions when it comes to sexuality. My ideas about my sexuality change all the time, along with how I might identify.

I think pansexuals are beautiful people, looking at the person for who they are and how they make you feel is so much more important then any outer shell.

Good luck with it and be strong about who you are.

<3 del

That Feeling

That feeling,

When you have to rip,

Another girls clothes off. 

LIke an animal devouring it’s pray.

Single Again

So I say to my girlfriend:

"I just don’t think I am ready for a girlfriend"

She replies:

"But you’re 27, when on earth do you think you are going to be ready?!"

What I want to know is, when did 27 become the new 47?

Happy to be back in single town.

This is my event.

I’ve always felt there is a lack of colourful, queer events where peeps can let loose and go crazy far away from city dwellers.

So, I created UNICORNS.

You can suss us out here:


The Leso U-Haul

Do you ever get nervous that you have fallen into the Lesbian U-Haul?

And That the world was right.

That it is not actually a fabulously,

Wonderfully romantic idea,

To pack up your life,

After only a few months

And join your life with another,

Like conjoined twins attached at the skull?

Meeting The Parents

Met my new ladies family this week. I thought I was going to vomit but I survived.

They were absolutely incredible. Super arty and friendly. Her dad a Scientist, her mum a visual artist.

The whole house was red and littered with art, sculptures and treats from around the world.

The first thing her dad asked me was about my love for Unicorns and if it was a symbol for lesbians. What a lovely individual.

<3 gay friendly, supportive families. They make my heart warm.

I think I have fully evolved into a raging lesbian.

I can’t imagine ever going back to men.

I am very happy about this outcome.

Girls are awesome.

fuckyeahlezgirls asked: Haven't been back to Sydney in over 8 years and I'm heading back in Sydney... what's the lesbian nightlife like at the moment? What can you recommend for a good night? I can't remember a thing anymore!!!! Any ideas? X

Yeah def!

I will make you a pretty list:

- Unicorns - clearly no.1 since it is my event. Think burlesque, body painting, strobe lights, warehouse, lots of babes.

- GiRLTHING - long standing montly night. Indie chick crowd, on the younger side but shiz loads of fun times.

- Birdcage - Weekly Wednesday night at Zanzibar in Newtown. Same crowd as GiRLTHING. Run by the same babes. Super cheap drinks!

- Snapback - Weekly Wednesday Hip Hop night at the Newtown Hotel. Hip hop lady crowd, good to have a beer at before Birdcage.

- Chicks With Picks - Sunday arfternoon beers and live lady performers. Lots of chicks with guitars. Very chilled fun times. Just $5.

Ohh and if you ever feel like making your way to the Nation’s Capitol, this night kicks ass.

Lady Bones -

Any more q’s just hit me up! Talking about girl nights is my favourite topic of conversation :)